- Inner City Rebirth - A Mixed Use Renovation -

By Peter Cooke. October 2018

Plans Central was commissioned to bring a series of inter-connected derelict buildings back to use as combined retail and student accommodations. The design emobddied the original building shape, and modernised it, while working to capitalise on the spaces. The condition of the buildings was so bad that it was dangerous to measure up the job, and caused us to have to wear safety gear to undertake the survey.

Worth it in the end

Once we got over our initial aprehension at the sight of the building, and got into the imagining what it could become, we found the project coming to life and with a little bit of vision and passion, we were surprised to find ourselves genuinely enthusiastic about this little project. We were very happy with the product and felt it was worth it in the end. We hope you like it too.

By Peter C. October 2018