- New Headquarters for a National Security Company -

By Peter Cooke. November 2018

When the call started "Hello, have you ever designed an indoor Shooting Range?" I knew this was the project for us. The brief involved the demolition of a run-down building in the Doornfontein CBD, and the design of a 3 Storey Executive Office Building, plus an underground Shooting Range to the latest spec for certification and tactical training. Add to this, a security control room for monitoring operations, a walk-in firearm safe, kitchen facilities, training facilities for ongoing training of officers, and a motorcar repair workshop for maintenance and repair of the company's Joburg fleet, and you have an exciting project brief.

"We don't want a School Block"

With all of the technical and functional components of the brief already enough to keep us occupied, the client went to great pains to ensure we understood that this building was to serve as a corporate brand presence, and had to be impressive. We were told that no "School Block" design would be acceptable, and that we were to come forward with a Flagship design which would look like a million bucks without breaking the bank.

We absolutely loved this project, and it was a real honour to see it come out of the ground, and become every bit as impressive in real life as it looked on paper. Certain constraints reduced the scope to 2 storeys during the construction phase, but even with that deviation, we were very proud of the results and our clients love it. We hope that you do to.

By Peter C. November 2018