- New Multi-Purpose Venue in Pretoria -

By Peter Cooke. March 2019

Our clients had very specific needs. They needed a specific design and layout, with maximum flexibility. The building had to be suited towards acting as a community hall, a function venue, conference center and a place of workship, to mention a few uses it had to be prefect for. We applied ourselves to the task of producing exactly that, and were very please when our ecstatic clients proclaimed that we "nailed it!"

More than we expected it would ever be!

This design is surprisingly aesthetic, and oozes value and curb appeal, in spite of it actually being a very cost-effective structural design, which will fit within our client's budget. We absolutely loved this project, and it was a real honour to have been a part of it. This multi-purpose conferencing venue and place of Worship is a design we are extremely proud to call our own. and our clients love it. We hope that you do to.

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By Peter C. March 2019